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Pap Chanel Conference with Universal Music Group

Pap Chanel has been building a name for herself within the Hip-Hop community. Moving to Atlanta to focus on her music she has been releasing tracks with collaborations from big names in Hip-Hop including: Lil Baby, Blac Youngsta and Future. Having released her new project 'Pretty & Paid 2.0' on November 19 this year she joined Universal Music Group for a press conference where I got to ask her a couple questions.

📸 Courtesy of Universal Music Group

unrivalled.hip-hop: I wondered what features are you most proud of and what features have inspired you the most? Either in your own music or features that you've done on other artists songs.

My biggest feature that I feel like... will make people be like 'hold up!'... I would say was the Future one because I really grew up listening to him. I was into Future when he was making mixtape songs, so I would say Future. I got a lot of songs with big artists and one thing I would say is every artist I have a song with I was listening to them before I even thought I would even be making music. Well I say before I was making music but... before I was even faking it. I went 'I might get a song with them' but I was just listening to them and fell in love with that artist for their like... penship.

unrivalled.hip-hop: Hip-Hop's obviously a very male dominated genre and as someone who has no experience of what it's like to be an artist I often wonder how much harder it is to navigate the genre as a female artist. How have you found the experience of building your name in the genre?

I would say I built my name just based off of just... you know... being me and... you know... just speaking on the situations that I've been through. Like me just like speaking on the things that I go through on a day-to-day basis just made me the artist I am. I feel like music is like my diary. It's like me just getting a piece of paper and just writing out the things that I've been through just to vent. So I feel like music... making music is like a vent space to me and I feel like me making music and the fact that people fall in love with it... they just falling in love with the fact of me just talking about the things that I just go through on a day-to-day basis so it's easy for me. It's like... yeah, it's easy.

Thank you to Universal Music Group for inviting me to another press conference and to Pap Chanel for taking the time to answer my questions. If you haven't already give 'Pretty & Paid 2.0' a listen. Pap Chanel is growing at a fast pace and is sure to be on your radar any minute if she isn't already!

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