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HD4President Press Conference with Universal Music Group

HD4President is a rapper out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Having released his new single 'Touch Down 2 Cause Hell (Bow Bow Bow)' the song achieved viral success on TikTok with many artists creating content to the song, including: Lizzo, Garbrielle Union, Coi Leray, City Girls, Jessica Alba and Latto. HD4President joined Universal Music Group for a press conference to promote his new album 'TO DA MAX' where we had the chance to ask him a couple of questions about his career:

unrivalled.hip-hop: How did you feel about it as you're song went viral on TikTok? Was that a goal of yours or did it come as a surprise? If so, were you happy about it as it began to blow up on TikTok?

It was a build up. I started with, I made a song called 'Can't Stop Jiggin''. So the 'Can't Stop Jiggin'' song, it kind of went viral on TikTok. It had 60,000-100,000 videos to the original version. So when I come back again I make a song called 'Band Dance'. 'Band Dance' did like 30,000 on TikTok, as far as videos and making videos. Then I made the song 'Bow Bow Bow' itself and it did about 150,000 videos on TikTok and LSU used it for the whole season for their basketball team. So when I come back with this song I actually told my manager before I recorded the song... I heard the beat and I heard the song in my head and I said I got the song that's finna blow us up! Just like that. So what I did, I hurried and went home and recorded it. I put a snippet on Instagram. The kids took it to TikTok and the next day it was doing like 5,000 videos and 5 minutes. So I was like 'Woah this is crazy'. I had a feeling... I know it was gonna blow but I had no idea it would do what it did like that. It went crazy.

unrivalled.hip-hop: Where do you see your music progressing to as you develop throughout your career?

I'm really into pop music. It's gonna be hard to make the transition because people love... when they meet you one way they want you to stay that way, a lot of people don't understand progression and just getting better at what you do. But I like to do all kinds of music, I don't like to do a single myself as a one way artist. I'm trying to work with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, you know what I'm saying.

unrivalled.hip-hop: Which artists are your greatest inspiration?

All time: JAY-Z, Juvenile and Soulja Slim. Right now, Lil Baby no cap is the hardest artist in the world... and Lil Wayne. Can't forget about Lil Wayne.

At this point, the conference host began discussing the Justin Bieber collaboration just mentioned with HD4President who went on to confirm he's got a song called 'Faded' which he intends to get Justin Bieber to feature on.

Thank you to Universal Music Group for the invitation to join the press conference and HD4President for taking the time to answer my questions. If you are into Hip-Hop/Pop blends HD4President is likely to be an artist you will love. If you happen to be a TikTok user you most likely have already heard of him. Check out his new album 'TO DA MAX' to get a flavour of what he has on offer!

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